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Saturday, November 29th, 2008
12:44 pm
The way things are put into perspective (or what i am thankful for)
First of all i want to say that i am so incredibly thankfull this thanksgiving! I have an amazing daughter and husband and friends!But isnt it just when we get caught up in ourselves that things happen? things that noone would expect things that will make you take a look and be thankfull for what you have. Jezze it must have been like 5 years ago when my grandma died on thanksgiving we knew it was coming but a terrible day still that i often think of when i am looking at my daughter thinking about how i hope i will be the women and mother she was and wishing she would have met her.

It has been over a year now that we have been trying to have a baby and this week we found out that it does not look promissing for us to afford health insurance and so i fell like my hope has gone out the window, i really have been putting all my hope into going to the doctor and finding out what is wrong with me and somehow magily almost i thought i would have a baby. It is hard to swallow but i am always still hoping!

Of course though as we all know god or who ever has a way of putting things into perspective. A way to say look at what you DO have! wednesday we got a phone call from nicks mom saying that his brothers 3 mo old little girl had passed away in her sleep. A shock is putting it lightly! we still dont know why or how or whatever, and the police have questioned my brother in law so much he now feels responsible. he brought over the guns he owns to my in laws so as not to do something he would regret. I cannot even imagine how it feels to have your 3 month old baby taken from you! to go in in the morning to everyones worst fear! We had barely gotten to know her and it is so sad! I have faith that she is in a better place and everything happens for a reason, but we all know when these things happen you can never seem to see the reason!

It makes me look at myself and say at least i have my little girl. We may not be able to have another baby at this time, but at least i have on amazing little girl and i am thankfull for her everyday but it makes you realize even more not to take one moment for granted. even when i am going crazy because she is talking non stop and wont leave me alone for one second, she is my baby and i would be so lost with out her!

I hope that everyone can find peace and know that Emily is in a better place. She left us too soon, but i know there was a reason.

RIP Emily Elizabeth! you will not be forgotten!

Emily Elizabeth Smith

Emily Elizabeth Smith, 3 months, of Union Grove,died Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2008, at her home.She was born Aug. 15, 2008, at Aurora Kenosha Hospital to David Smith and Elizabeth Wierzbicki.

Survivors include her parents, grandparents, Michael and Geraldine Smith and David and Susan Wierzbicki; great-grandmother, Joretta Smith, aunts and uncles, Nicholas (Sara) Smith, Jamie (Scott) Smith, Bradley Wierzbicki and Michelle Wierzbicki.She was preceded in death by her great-grandpa, Walter Bruch.

Funeral services will be held on Monday, Dec. 1, 2008, at 5 p.m. at Polnasek-Daniels Funeral Home in Union Grove with Chaplain Larry Williams officiating.Relatives and friends may meet with the family on Monday, Dec. 1, 2008, from 3 - 5 p.m. at the funeral home.

Polnasek-Daniels Funeral Home & Crematory

908 - 11th Ave.

Union Grove, WI 53182




Current Mood: depressed
Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
5:09 pm
today... according to me
so there seems to be constant changes around here. we bought our first house which is amazing! but at least in my life every time something happens that is good there are so many others to make things not so great.

Becky moved out. before we moved she promised she would be with us at least a year. i think she slept here like 3 times. im not quite sure why... noone is really. Becky is not herself lately and even through all the pain i miss her. im not sure what hurts worse the fact that she obviously cared very little about our friendship or what it is doing to my daughter. i feel like an irresponsible mom for letting this happen but you never assume that your best friend is going to wake up one day and decide to never talk to you again for no apparent reason. in fact no reason at all she will tell anyone that i know. she was like another parent to lucy and had either lived with us or damn near close lucys whole life. she asked about her for quite a while she has pretty much stopped now, but when she is playing by herself talking to her babies and such she also talks to becky. it makes me cry right now to think of. but were moving on because that is what you have to do. i cannot do anything about it. where i come from you fight for friendship and family and to me she was both, i put up a pretty good fight i think... but when there is nothing left to fight for im wasting my time.

Nick moved to first shift im so thankful for that! i felt like i never saw him and he never saw lucy and him working on first makes us feel so much more like a family! but with that he took a pay cut so within a month of buying our house nick takes a pay cut and our roommate moves out.... = im so fucking poor! Nick is busting his ass! he is training to get his CDL Sarahs step dad is hooking him up for free to go drive with some of the people at KIX so that is awesome! it really pays to know people because if he had to go to school to do it it would never happen! today they offered him a job. he is going to go over and be a spotter on the weekends he is not working so it will be really nice to have some more money coming in! so right now he is going and training from 7 to 10 and working at woodmans from 10:30-7 . so we still dont see him a whole lot, but it really is much better!

i have been talking to a couple people about getting another kid to babysit but no luck so far even though there have been two famllys that have said i would and fallen through. that is a bummer i have put in a few other applications and had an interview with nothing coming out of it... i am also working on getting a downline with avon to maybe make more money with that. i would really love that! another thing i have been up to (geeze i feel like im doing everything) is have been baking a ton of cakes lately i love it!

a lot of people have told me i need to start a business... i made a website if you wanna check them out. i would love to make money off of it because it is soo much fun and i have always wanted to do something where i can be creative.... i have always felt so happy creating! www.freewebs.com/sweetandsassycakes you should check it out!

that is my newest one! it is just so fun!

other then all of that lucy is growing too fast! we have been seriously trying for another... no luck so far:( that is very discouraging! i want another so bad! she keeps talking about brothers and sisters too! we have been busting our balls on the house which is a pain but also so amazing when it is your own! well that is all for now... just wanted to do an update.... Ta!

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Thursday, March 6th, 2008
9:20 pm
thank you to everyone that left me a message on my last post! it was truly one of the scariest things in my life! if you would have asked me earlier this week i would have told you that i thought i was going to need counseling, i couldnt leave the house my whole body would tense up and i was having some serrious anxiety! i still have not left the house alone, but i think i am doing better, although i know i am going to change the way i do things, and where i do them i dont think that we did anything especially wrong, it was barely dark i was not alone, and we saw the guys and could tell there was something weird, but it was unavoidable at that point! i guess i just keep telling myself that i never thought that would ever happen to me and i dont think it could happen more then once! but still when i close my eyes i can see that gun in my face, and i cannot help but think im a freeking idiot for telling him i didnt have a purse! it may have worked out for me, but if it didnt all i can think of is lucy in the back seat with my brains all over her. i know it sounds terrible, but that is a thought i cannot get out of my head!
anyways... in other news we are looking for a house we were pre aproved the otherday and we have seen about 10 houses so far and we are going out again on saturday i cannot wait i feel a little worried about being able to afford it and how things will work, but we always make things work and im sick of throwing money away renting! i have faith!
also on the baby front i dont know what the heck is going on... i have not had my period since december, and im not pregnant i have no idea what the heck is wrong with me! i have never had irregular cycles in my life and it sucks so bad that it starts when we decide we want another baby! it makes me wish we didnt wait so long to try again! i know things are prolly happening for a reason but it doesnt change that i want a baby now! i think i have been having cramps all day, so maybe things will be getting back to normal??? who knows? well TTYL
Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
11:37 am
my weekend...
Two Kenosha women robbed at gunpoint in grocery store parking lot
Journal Times
Tuesday, March 4, 2008 10:24 AM CST

RACINE — Two Kenosha women were robbed at gunpoint Saturday night while loading groceries into their minivan in the Pick 'N Save parking lot, 2406 Green Bay Road.

Racine police said the women, both age 22, had just finished grocery shopping at 6:46 p.m. They loaded the grocery bags into the minivan and started to get into the driver's and passenger's seats when they were approached by two suspects wearing dark hoodies and bandanas over their faces.

One of the suspects walked up to the driver's window, pulled out a blue semi-automatic handgun and demanded the driver's purse. When she told him she didn't have one, he demanded the passenger's purse. The woman in the passenger's seat threw her purse to the second suspect.

Police said the two men started to flee and were picked up by a dark colored vehicle.

Reports said no one was injured. The 2-year-old daughter of one of the women was sitting in the van during the robbery.

The suspects are described as men in their 20s with thin builds. Both are thought to be between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet six inches. They were both wearing black hoodies with white lettering on them.

Sgt. Bernie Kupper, a spokesman for the Racine Police Department, said the robbery was a pretty brazen act in such a visible parking lot. He did offer these suggestions to people on how to avoid becoming the victim of a similar crime:

- Be selective about when you go to the store. Try to leave and complete your shopping during daylight hours.

- If you do shop when it's dark, try to park in well-lit areas, such as directly under a parking lot light.

- If you notice anyone in the parking lot, especially someone hanging out near the parked cars, don't walk to your car alone. Go back to the store and ask for an escort to your vehicle.

- If someone does approach you in a parking lot, notify store personnel immediately, so they can take actions for the safety of all of their customers.

Anyone with information on the above robbery is asked to call the department's detective bureau at (262) 635-7756.


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Sunday, January 20th, 2008
1:15 am
i think it is safe to say....
that lucy is POTTY TRAINED!!! im very excited about it!!! it really was just an all of the sudden thing! one day i think she woke up and had it all figured out! she has gone three days in a row now with ZERO accidents!!! 4 days in a row i have left the house with ZERO accidents! she is going potty on pottys other then here, and several times now she just goes on her own without even saying anything goes does her buissness and starts cheering! YAY! i did it! it was crazy! it took more then a day like some people say they can do it in but hey! my kid isnt even 2 yet! it was hard but i am very peoud of myself for staying strong and just doing it! i knew if i gave in it would be 100xs harder the next time and also all the work i had done to that point would be shot! so im very happy to say shes a big girl now!!! .... in other news!!! she will be 2 on wednesday! i am going to cry!!! my baby is getting SOOO big! it is so sad! i changed my myspace picture to one of her in hospital, because it is just so depressing how big she is and all the little things she will never do again! dont get me wrong im soo happy she is doing so good and being such a big girl, but i just also miss my baby lucy jo! WAAA! i was like this last year too! the night before her birthday i tried to make her sleep with me (which she hates) just so i could feel like she was still little! i miss it soo much!

Current Mood: nostalgic
Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
11:35 am
the tornados... this will be long
so yeah everyone in the world seems to think that here in Wisconsin it is constantly 20 below zero and we must snow shoe every ware we go. so yesterday when it was nearly 65 degrees outside we should have taken a hint right that things are not right! i was just thinking that alright this is a classic Wisconsin day and tomorrow we will have feet of snow i didn't think much of the fact i could open my windows on January 7th.

my friend who just had a baby two weeks ago called me and she needed a ride to WIC we figured they were open till around 5 so i told her that i would try and wait until lucy woke up from her nap and bring her. meanwhile she was going to call and find out what time they were open till it was 4. so she calls me back and tells me it is now 3:20 and she lives in paddock lake 30 minutes away on a normal day. so i have nick watch lucy and get in the van and cruise at about 90mph to get to her house in 15 minutes then i have to turn around and go back to Kenosha to bring her to wic. we were driving on K and about the time we got to H we hear the first tornado sirens. we joke thinking that is nuts. when we were at greenbay road i get a call from nicks mom saying where are you there are tornados i was laughing o im driving! lol no biggy. i call nick to give him the heads up and tell him to take care of my baby and watch the news. while im on the phone with him i get another call it is my friend Sarah i call her back and see whats up she is wondering what im going to do for the tornado because i have no basement. i am just like oh well im driving joking and she is just like oh well let me know if you see it. so we keep on our way thinking no big deal. we get to wic Kristy goes in me becky and the baby stay in the van i call nick to see what is on the news ans beck calls her mom there is nothing on the radio about it nothing on my phones weather so we are thinking there is no big deal!

beck gets a call from her mom saying that there was just one in wheatland and we need to get in the building. (wheatland is about a mile from where we just were getting kristy) so we started to worry a bit. if we would not have driven so fast or left a couple minutes later we would have driven through the tornado! so after she is done at wic we get back in the van and the sirens go off again so we decided to go to beckys moms house to sit in her basement for a couple minutes and then continue our arronds. just as we are getting there we hear on the radio (we had to turn to AM) it is headed for my house so i call nick ask him what he is doing he is standing out with the sliding door open and him and lucy are watching!!! i get pissed tell him to go hide with my kid! we are in the basement and the lights are flickering and such we wait about 10 minutes and decide alright we are done and leave.then we hear some dude on the radio saying her just saw an explosion about 10 blocks from beckys moms! we find out later that was the roof coming off an apartment complex and tacos el ray blowing up! so thee is #2 time we almost got hit if we would have headed home we would have been hit again!

i call nick he says that he think it passed up here it got real bad here though he was actually worried for a minute and the news said it hit right around here. so then we go to chilis for dinner thinking all is over. as we get in the parking lot the sirens go off again. we are like what the hell we go in sit down and beck goes to the bathroom and hears the manager on the phone asking where to put the people if there was something going on we kinda wonder what is going on so i call nick again and ask him to keep an eye on the news. we eat and head back out to the county on the way out there we drive past the interstate and there must have been hundreds of emergancy vehicles all gathering and dispursing. we end up driving in the lane along side of a train of them out tward Wheatland. it was amazing to see! they were from all over! i wish i took a picture becuase it was just an amazing fealing to drive past them and read where they were from! it was awesome to think about all of them here to help there were several from Illinois and all over! after that we went to a couple areas and saw a little bit of damage and then dropped kristy off at home.

right now nick is out there in Wheatland helping clear it all up. our friends mom lived in one of the neighbor hoods that got hit her house is alright but her neighbors have some damage but they did not get the worst of it. so i will have some pictures later when he gets home.


* two of our friends work at Tacos El Ray. thankfully though they are closed on mondays
* the people i babysit for are out of power the apartment that got the roof blown off was a block away and they heard it happen
* our friends moms house and neighborhood
* beckys grandparents are without power

Current Mood: thankful
Sunday, January 6th, 2008
1:18 am
day 3 and 4
so wow this is a frustrating thing! i knew it would be but i think we are seeing results!!!


made it to the potty 5 or 6 times

dry nap

2 accidents

a handfull of times she peed a little and then went to the potty



we went out to lunch and shopping and she stayed compleatly dry the whole time!!! im soo impressed i thought i was never going to be able to leave the house again!

only 2 times did she pee a little and then go to the potty

1 poop on the potty

dry when she woke up

i think she made it to the potty like 6 or 7 times! im soo happy i cannot wait to see how it goes tomorrow!
Friday, January 4th, 2008
12:46 am
day 2
well im not sure if i can say today was better or what the tally is but here is the run down

she woke up DRY woop woop!!!

3 accidents and a couple times when she went like a drop and then told me she was wet so she could sit on the potty

2 poops on the potty!!! 2 pees on the potty

she was wet when i got her from her nap but it may have been while she was awake and just laying there she does that alot

i think we did good today!
Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
11:15 pm
24+ hours in
alright so i would say that we are off to a good start! here is the final recap for the day

6 accidents i think

DRY through her nap!!!!!

only one time wet last night

3 times on the potty once when she woke up once after her nap and one in between

1 remote peed on

all in all i think that after a good sleep i should be ready to go tomarrow! wow my baby is getting soo big!! i cannot believe that she has gone her first 24 hour period with no diapers!
2:45 pm
potty training boot camp
we started boot camp! it has been about 15 hours now and not to shabby. last night we gathered all the diapers around the house and lucy said bye bye to them for the babies! i am determined to have her a potty master by her birthday! i have 21 days! lets see how it goes! i have decided NO more diapers! i hid them even from nick so he has to help me! she will be in undies all day!! at night and for naps i am putting her in cloth just because i only have one set of sheets so far for her new big girl bed and i thought that would save a bit of sanity! so here is the tally so far

cloths wet.......... 1 at 2:30 this morning she woke up crying obviously not liking to be wet!

made it to the potty............ 2 one first thing when she woke up!

accidents/ pairs of undies................. 3

loads of laundry........ 2

i think so far so good!! hopefully she catches on fast!

i plan on keeping a record on here so if you are interested stay tuned!
Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
12:24 am
ho ho ho!
i hope evryone has a great christmas! and i hope Santa is good to all the babies! have a safe and happy holiday!

Current Mood: cold
Monday, December 17th, 2007
1:14 pm
thanks to all of you that wished me a happy birthday yesterday!

some other things new going on... last thursday our tv blew like literally. i was bummed it is kinda funny though being that we asked nicks parents for a tv for christmas and thought we were so wrong and didnt need a new one! HA our tv showed them! so i called my mom to see if she knew if there was any on sale some ware or something, she told me that american was having a deal and asked how we were going to get it i told her i had no idea but were wanting to look and see how much money we had to come up with. she tells me not to do anything and she will call me back. 20 minutes later she calls and tells me that i can have hers! she went to american and got a new REALLY nice one! so i got hers it is soo nice for us! it is only like 3 years old and is a decent size... i think 36 inch.. so that was soo cool my mom gave us that! man i love her!

nicks parents gave me 100$ for old navy so i can get new clothes! im soo excited i want to go right now and get them... but i also kinda want to go up to the outlet in oshkosh becuase then i can get more! but ill have to wait to get money for gas to do that!

lucy is a sassy butt! she thinks she runs this place yells and me and nick all the time! i dont know what im going to do with that kid!

nicks parents are getting her a twin bed for christmas! i think that we will start it off without the frame at first... but she has been in a toddler bed since like july and does really good at it...it is just that when her crib is a toddler bed it is not sturdy at all! and i see no reason to spend that much on a different toddler bed when she will need a twin eventually anyway... im excited to get her a cute bed set! and i guess she can finally have a pillow too! but im giving her an old flat one cause im still scared to give her too many fluffy things! well i think ill go now... not too much more to say!
Sunday, December 16th, 2007
12:12 pm
today is mine... hopefully it is better then last years! nick got off tonight, but too bad i have to babysit tomorrow or maybe we could actually have a day alone :( oh well... maybe sometime next year
Wednesday, November 28th, 2007
5:26 pm
life today
so yeah i feel so incredibly busy lately... but im prolly not.. today right now im feeling happy though... i love it when i can actually feel that way. there is still things going on right now that suck, but i the fact that i can still say that im having a good day is good!

we are playing the waiting game right now... my period is supposed to be here soon, but we have our fingers crossed it doesnt! there have been some crazy symptoms this month that kinda make me think that maybe im preggo but i also think it is crazy to think it could happen that fast! so now we wait... i wonder if it takes me longer to see it on a hpt... i was like 2 weeks late with lucy, and i could still barely see the line! if im not now that really is no biggy dont get me wrong i really want a baby right now, but i didnt expect to snap my fingers and have it happen.

i have the urge to actually use my eliptical right now.. but i just ate a ton and there is a GIANT presant in front of it right now... i swear the world wants me fat.. it likes it

alright i cannot think of anything else to ramble about!
Friday, November 9th, 2007
8:25 pm
whats new
i know it has been a while again, i have become addicted to cafemom... if any of you have one let me know we should be friends! lol well anyways i kinda have some new exciting news to share! me and nick have decided that we are wanting another baby! so we are officially not preventing #2 i cant wait! i dont think i knew how bad i wanted another until now that we decided to try! other then that not too much new, i am a dork and already have the house decorated for christmas! and we are working on getting shopping going... im still not sure what we want to get lucy for her big gift, we were going to get her a play kitchen, but kyles mom just gave her one that she got from a friend it is awesome and she loves it just as much as i knew she would! too bad we wont be able to beat that! we are thinking about a twin bad, she has been in her toddler bed for like 6 mos now and she does good, but the little bar things that are the rails are not stable and then someone else could get her the bedding, it is not really a fun present, but she has soo many toys!!! it is kinda alot of money though... so i donno for sure yet.. ideas anyone? well im gonna go now... talk to you all soon!

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Monday, October 1st, 2007
12:40 pm
praise the lord!
nick is finally getting off of third shift!!!!! i cannot believe it! man when this started like 2 years ago it was supposed to be temporary but now it is finally ending! he is still going to be at woodmans but he is moving into the lube station and will never work later then 7pm! wow i wonder what it will be like i can hardly imagine what it is going to be like to have him here every night and i think i might actually miss having the whole bed to myself. i had to train myself to take up the whole thing so i wouldnt miss him. i feel like i can do the real wife thing now and actually cook dinner and ask him how his day was... im also really glad for lucy i know she will be soo happy to actually get to see her daddy more! well i am still holding to the promise of the long time update, but there is soo much i dont know where to start! i just had to share my excitement!

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Monday, September 24th, 2007
8:13 pm
im back!
today is the day i have been waiting for! if anyone gives a hoot we FINALLY have some high speed internet and i will actually be able to come on here! i will update soon with pics and stuff there has been SOOOOO much new! im glad to be back and i cant wiat to read some of my FL! sorry i have been a bad Efriend and havent been on, but hopefully i will be around alot more now!

Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
8:24 pm
im still alive! i never am online anymore! it is soo sad! i miss all of you! i hate this dial up crap! GRRR i dont feel like being on here much longer it took me like an hour just to be able to read some of my friends page and do this! GRR! o yeah i also want to share though that lucy is walking finally! she is doing really good and getting better at it everyday! she is still not doing it all the time but more an more everyday! well hopefully more later! hope that everyone is doing good!
Friday, February 23rd, 2007
9:17 pm
well after many long hard and i will say BAD days we are for the most part in the new house! we love it here! i promise pics soon! lucy took to it right away which came as a surprise to me because she always has seemed to have a tough time to get used to places at least over night
the bad news is that we seemed to be doomed to have dial up! we are very upset about it! i guess that is the price you pay for a view and a yard! we cannot get cable here! and noone seems to offer DSL to us eaither but we are trying hard! so im sorry if im not on here as much and cannot read as much of your entries! it makes me sad! but hopefully something will come through! i hope that everyone is good and i have tons more to talk about but i think im going to try and check my flist... man i have been too spoiled with that cable internet! more soon hopefully!
Monday, February 12th, 2007
8:03 pm
there is not too much to update on... but i just uploaded a ton of pics! so thought i would share some of them are really old i will try to keep them in some sort of order too so bear with me!

a teaser:
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